A Tradition of Quality

Claxton Poultry founder and owner, Norman W. Fries, entered the poultry business in the 1930s, selling and delivering freshly dressed poultry for his father, Warren Fries, owner of the Fries Poultry Store in Savannah, Georgia. Eleven-year-old Norman quickly learned the reasons behind his father’s success.

When Norman opened his own poultry business in 1949 with one truck, one freezer and one helper, he embraced the same values practiced by his father: exceptional customer service, personal integrity, uncompromising quality and only the most wholesome, all-natural products.

Mr. Fries’ vision continues to this day at the direction of his wife. Doris S. Fries. Since his passing in 2001, Mrs. Fries has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Claxton Poultry has seen tremendous growth under her leadership nearly tripled in size and offering over 200 poultry products to local, regional, national and international markets.

The second, third and fourth generations now play a part in the continued success of the business with their daughter, Pamela Fries Usher currently serving on the Board of Directors, their grandson, Mikell R. Fries also serving on the Board of Directors as well as President of Claxton Poultry. Their grandson, Brice Pound serves as the Surrency Feed Mill Manager and their grandson, Steven A. Fries, Jr. is the Director of Continuous Processing Improvement. The fourth generation has now begun to learn the day to day live, plant and sales operations.

Four generations later, the Fries Family values continue to stand the test of time.